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"Creating A Better World For Us All"

By James Y the author of the book "The New Global Awareness".

"The New Global Awareness" represents both the title of a book, as well as a completely new subject area: A philosophy, paradigm and vision that looks at humanity and our reality from a holistic point of view.

It provides a whole new way of thinking and a comprehensive blueprint for the next step in our human evolution, for how to approach our growing global issues and how to make the world a better place.

(For more details, please read the article "How The New Global Awareness works to tackle our growing global issues", located under the "PR & Information" tab).

"The New Global Awareness" expands our awareness of the reality in which we live, giving us the insights and the tools needed to change our world and make it a better place. In other words, to create the positive, uplifting and energizing life experience we are all dreaming of with a new and elevated feeling of excitement.

It also reveals the extensive and awe inspiring grandness of our true reality with such clarity so as to produce a whole new perception and awareness of our reality; what life is about; who we are and how we and "it all" fits together.

Although "The New Global Awareness" provides the first ever scientific explanation and proof of the existence of God and our spiritual reality, it is not about religion. It is about you and me as participants in life.

It provides us with the wisdom to transcend and merge all our religions, belief systems and our sciences combined into one, so as to unify humanity in a universal awareness and knowledge about life and our true reality.

In other words, what we are talking about here is a profound Global game changer, so monumental that it will even "shift the perception" we have of the reality in which we live.

Based on scientific facts, logic and the new level of insight provided by "The New Global Awareness", it also answers some of the biggest and most difficult questions ever asked by humanity, including those asked by philosophers, theologians, astronomers, quantum physicists. Derived from the holistic insights that "The New Global Awareness" provides, we are now for the first time ever able to provide the following answers for the disciplines listed below:

  • Quantum Physics:
    It provides an in-depth explanation of our true reality and explains the mystifying quantum-puzzling link between the object and the observer.
  • Neuroscience:
    It gives factual evidence of the self i.e. the invisible or non-observable part of the equation of what it means to be alive.
  • General Science:
    It defines the parameters of how far traditional science can go in explaining our physical reality and why. It then takes us way beyond the limitations of traditional science, using a scientific and logically sound approach to provide factual evidence of our extended true reality.
  • Modern Medicine:
    It explains the mechanics of self healing and the underlying reasons of why it works.
  • Astronomy:
    It explains our universe, defines its boundaries and gives us a whole new perception and way of understanding the concept of space.
  • Spirituality:
    It lifts up our perception of the reality in which we live to a whole new level of enlightenment bringing the world of spirituality into the world of everyday living. It proves our spiritual reality, meaning, our non-physical reality (or what some may refer to as "God"), without the reliance on religion or belief systems, using the same "scientific method" traditionally used by science. In other words "The New Global Awareness" introduces spirituality as a whole new branch of science, an academic subject with a rightful place in our educational curriculum.
  • Global Issues:
    With so much inequality, intolerance, dividedness, self-centredness, religious fanaticism, ego-driven politics and disconnectedness etc in the World, "The New Global Awareness" provides us with some clear answers as to why we are experiencing these issues and suggestions for what we can do to create a better world for us all.

"The New Global Awareness" is about bringing peace to the world and revealing the ultimate truth about our reality, an all-inclusive and non-discriminatory truth, without the reliance on religion or any other self-promoting biased agendas.

For us to solve our global problems we need something that truly can unite us all; something monumental that will wake all of humanity up and pull us right up and out of the primitive primordial swamp of dividedness, disconnectedness and self-centredness where our mindsets and way of living have been ever since life on Earth began.

Imagine a world in which humanity comes first; a world where everyone has a sense of belonging and purpose, a world free from:

  • Inequality
  • Terrorism
  • Religious fanaticism
  • Dictatorships
  • War
  • Refugee issues
  • Financial crisis
  • Drug abuse
  • Human trafficking
  • Slavery
  • Exploitation
  • etc...

We are about to make that change. Be a part of it.

The insights and tools we need to create that better world we all are dreaming of, can be found in the book entitled "The New Global Awareness".

In this book we explore our reality and ask some of the most serious and difficult questions imaginable. And based on the unambiguous, logical and clear-cut answers that it provides, I believe that you too will be genuinely surprised to discover what really is going on here - a reality unfolding right in front of our eyes, which we just do not seem to see. So expect a whole new view of our reality to emerge once your perception of it starts to change and you gain a higher level of awareness.

The insight and tools provided by "The New Global Awareness" is set to ignite a lot of lively discussions and debates in all corners of our world, so be sure to have read the "The New Global Awareness" and know the facts.

If you want the world to be a better place, start by gaining the new insight, wisdom, understanding and awareness found in "The New Global Awareness". Help influence and guide the people around you.

"The New Global Awareness" is ideal for discussions and debates at all levels of our society and is ideal for inclusion in the curriculum from elementary/primary school through to university level.

To find out more about "The New Global Awareness" please be sure to read the book introduction found under the "Introduction" tab and additional information found under the "PR & Information" tab.

Share "The New Global Awareness" with your family, friends and colleagues... and by doing so help make our world a better place.


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