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"Creating A Better World For Us All"

(An excerpt from the book "The New Global Awareness")


The New Global Awareness is about many things. But in short The New Global Awareness represents a completely new subject area or category; a new philosophy and paradigm that looks at humanity and our reality from a holistic point of view and provides a comprehensive blueprint for the next step in our human evolution. Its key purpose is to expand our awareness of the reality in which we live and to give us the insight and the tools needed to change our world and make it a better place. It will give us the wisdom to create the positive, uplifting and energizing life experience we are all dreaming of with a new and elevated feeling of excitement. Imagine a world free from inequality, terrorism, religious fanaticism, dictatorships, war, refugee issues, financial crises, drug abuse, human trafficking, slavery, and exploitation. Imagine a world in which humanity comes first. One in which human rights, food, water, housing, education, health and healthcare all are taken care of - a world where every individual has a sense of belonging and purpose. We are about to make that change.

For us to solve our global problems we need something that truly can unite us all; something monumental that will wake all of humanity up and pull us right up and out of the primitive primordial swamp of dividedness, disconnectedness and self-centeredness where our mindsets and way of living have been ever since life on Earth began. We need a new level of awareness of who we are and what life is about, one that will transcend and merge all our religions, belief systems and our sciences combined into one, so as to unify humanity in a universal awareness and knowledge about life and our true reality.

What we are talking about here is a profound Global game changer; a significant shift in perception and awareness of who we are and how we and "it all" fits together (referring to everything in our reality). In other words, this book will reveal the extensive and awe inspiring grandness of our true reality and do so with such clarity so as to produce a whole new perception and awareness of who we are and how we and it all fits together; a whole new level of knowledge that will unite humanity.

Have you ever wondered what life really is about? Perhaps wondered "What is life?", or "What am I and who am I really?". Have you ever wondered: "What is this thing I experience as my reality; What is the purpose and meaning of it?"; "Why are we all here?"; "Does God really exist?"; "Is the concept of eternal life real?"; "Do miracles really happen?" and so on. And most importantly, have you ever wanted some really clear and concise answers to these questions?

In this book we shall uncover the truth about these and many other questions. We shall be asking some serious and difficult questions and in return we shall expect some clear-cut, logical and unambiguous answers using a logical and scientifically sound approach to both explain and prove our spiritual reality. In a similar way, we shall also make use of spirituality to explain and prove the truth about our physical reality. We shall even uncover truths and facts about our reality with the power to open the eyes of the most hard lined of atheists to our spiritual reality (provided that they have an open mind and a sincere desire to find the truth).

This book is not about religion, it is about you and me as participants in life. Together we will explore our reality and I think that you too will be genuinely surprised to discover what really is going on here - a reality unfolding right in front of our eyes, which we just do not seem to see. So expect a whole new view of our reality to emerge once your perception of it starts to change and you gain a higher level of awareness.

What we are about to uncover are truths and facts which not only genuinely will surprise most of us. As you soon are to discover, in this book we shall provide answers to some of the biggest and most difficult questions ever asked by philosophers, theologians, astronomers and quantum physicists alike - we shall for example answer the question of God's existence and we shall do so without the reliance on religions or religious beliefs; we shall answer questions that has Quantum physicists puzzled, questions that relate to the appearance of objects and what the link is between the object and the observer. We shall also gain wisdom which will unlock many great truths - such as gaining wisdom that will allow us to settle the age old dispute between Plato and Aristotle (a 2300 year-old philosophical dispute which to this day still divides humanity and greatly influences our outlook on life and reality); and we shall gain wisdom to decide on theological issues such as "essence vs. existence" and much more. At the end of this book you will most likely be able to answer all of these questions yourself - in other words, we are about to join the dots.

But we shall also look at where we are at today, in relation to humanity itself and all the current unrest and tension in the world. We shall endeavor to provide some clear answers as to why we are experiencing these things and more importantly, suggestions for what we can do to move on from here and create a better world for us all.

Personally, I do hope that the contents of this book will provide you with an experience of true awe and amazement as it has done for me, and still does. I hope to be able to show you the world and our reality in a way which you may never had thought possible. And I wish for you to experience some real miracles, so grand in fact, that miracles like walking on water will seem dwarfed in comparison. My aim is to help you enhance your perception of life and our reality to a whole new level of enlightenment which includes an awareness of both our visible and invisible reality; a level of awareness which finally shall bridge the gap between our physical scientifically proven everyday reality and our spiritual reality. In other words, we will bring the world of spirituality into the world of everyday living and make it just as acceptable, accessible and simple to understand as anything else we know about.

Please note, this book is not written as a sermon or the passive telling of a story. It is intended as an invitation for you to actively engage in the development of your own perception and awareness of our reality and for you to gain a new level of wisdom from which to live your life. Needless to say, no-one can guarantee the level of awareness, enlightenment or wisdom that you may gain from reading this book, as this will greatly depend on your own level of engagement and understanding. Being an ordinary person just like yourself, my role in this book is purely that of a teacher. All I can do is to share some important things with you - but your personal wisdom is something you must gain for yourself. Therefore when you read this book I encourage you to consider what is being said and decide for yourself what you want to believe. I do not wish for you to ever believe in anything told to you, if it does not sound logical or reasonable to you.

Before we begin let me just also say, I understand that you may feel the urge to go straight to a section within the book that perhaps sounds more interesting to you. But my advice is not to skip any of the sections of the book, as this genuinely may undermine the level of awareness and final understanding of what we are trying to uncover. The reason for this is that the book is written in such a way, as to gradually expand our level of awareness and understanding of the different concepts covered. In other words, be patient, remember we are endeavoring to do something really big here i.e. elevate our perception of our own reality.

Each concept will be systematically discussed and explained in an everyday language to make it accessible to as many people as possible and by using a down-to-earth process of logical step-by-step reasoning; short stories and reflection of common life experiences that most of us are familiar with - all of which, shall help demonstrate key concepts and help answer many of our big questions. (For this reason I also recommend that you consider rereading the book at least one more time after you have read it all, as chances are that with all the wisdom gained you may understand things even better the second time).

One of the key concepts we shall try to get a comprehensive understanding of, is what life and our reality really is. We shall therefore be using the term "God" quite often since God is said to be in everything. But we could also just call it "the essence of life itself", or the essence of "everything" - in other words, the opposite to nothingness.

That being said, with so many exciting topics to cover and questions to answer, let us now begin our journey.

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